art 14

It’s truly remarkable what a bunch of used materials can mold into existence. These recycled elements create a dreamlike tone, enhancing that surreal touch which I often use in my work. On close inspection, you can notice what appears to be a white and yellow face, a portrait. The facial features are visible at the […]

art 13

We are all looking for acceptance in a world where the media, news, gossip and materialism seem to have become part of the norm. Sometimes this can create a distorted picture of how we look at ourselves and others as well as what’s considered to be “acceptable”. Sadly, a big number of people become obsessed […]

art 12

During my multiple battles with depression and alcoholism I harmed plenty of people and I feel a heavy weight of guilt for degrading my light. This painting expresses my lament towards all the souls I had hurt. I painted the anatomical figure without a heart to describe myself during that period; pain puts a rag […]

art 11

This piece is a reflection of the spirit’s awakening. The shady and dark tone of the piece give it a touch of mystery. The skulls are what’s left behind of soul in the carnal plane and the vibrant moth stands as a representation of transformation.

art 10

This painting is rich in subjective symbolism. It’s a metaphor for the story of Plato’s cave. The cave animals and anatomical elements play an important role on my style and they all represent abstract concepts. This painting has 8 possible combinations to show that there is more than what meets the eye