Name :
Seahorse trespassing the banal obsessions of phony personalities ©
Type :
Mixed media and oil color on paper
Dimensions :
Description :

We are all looking for acceptance in a world where the media, news, gossip and materialism seem to have become part of the norm. Sometimes this can create a distorted picture of how we look at ourselves and others as well as what’s considered to be “acceptable”. Sadly, a big number of people become obsessed by trying to maintain this image of the ideal man/woman and shy away from what’s truly important for the heart and soul, resulting in a selfish desire to satisfy their superficial wants and needs. The painting has a bizarre and convoluted atmosphere to match that ugliness. A longhorn beetle (below the seahorse) stands as the embodiment of all that toxicity.

The soul who’s humbleness is not degraded by these materialistic and prosaic distractions is depicted as the seahorse. I look at the seahorse as a kind creature, a symbol of serenity and peace. The liberated soul that ignores and avoids the madness of our social standards.