Name :
Paraphrasing a frequency of absurdism as a recycled portrait ©
Type :
Mixed media and oil on hard cardboard
Dimensions :
Description :

It’s truly remarkable what a bunch of used materials can mold into existence. These recycled elements create a dreamlike tone, enhancing that surreal touch which I often use in my work.

On close inspection, you can notice what appears to be a white and yellow face, a portrait. The facial features are visible at the left side of the background. Two smaller silhouettes (red and white) are connected by a red wavelength or a frequency traveling from the red figure’s mouth towards the brain of the other. The wave gestures communication. Animals of diverse kinds are scattered over the piece as representatives of emotions. I believe every animal, regardless of its popularity or strangeness, translates a feeling.

Together, these elements don’t make much sense, they are positioned in a way that is mind boggling. I did this on purpose to reinforce that idea of absurdism. To better summarize it, I was shaping my portrait while trying to understand the subconscious meaning behind the formations of this recycled matter.