Name :
Introspective of my heartless memoir ©
Type :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
Description :

During my multiple battles with depression and alcoholism I harmed plenty of people and I feel a heavy weight of guilt for degrading my light.

This painting expresses my lament towards all the souls I had hurt.

I painted the anatomical figure without a heart to describe myself during that period; pain puts a rag over love.

The hummingbird is a majestic creature, i compare it with beauty and life. The 3 hummingbird skulls give the opposite message and they are representing wrong thoughts, wrong feelings and wrong actions.

The shark’s teeth create an atmosphere of danger and they are about to devour the blue fish. Innocence is about to be consumed by the jaws of fear. Blue is also the color of truth and perfection.

The 3 sunflowers are a glimpse of hope and harmony and they are tangled in the hearts. In other words, forgiveness is still present in those who I have harmed and it can emerge by making genuine amends.

The lighted candle symbolizes God and its illuminating an alligator’s skull. The alligator is a vicious predator so its skull signifies the end of such violent behavior. The light is casting away that wickedness. On top of the alligator’s skull stands a chameleon. The chameleon is a symbol for change.