PCB connectors are used for connecting conductors to printed circuit boards for the transmission of signals, information, and power. With pitches starting from 2.5 mm to 15 mm and present strengths of up to 125 A, you will all the time discover the fitting solution for your system or management cabinet design in our class XS to XL COMBICON range. The connection strategies and mounting sorts of this connection know-how present a excessive level of flexibility for almost all applications. 2.6 mm, number of solder pins per potential: 1, plug-in system: COMBICON MC 1,5, Pin connector sample alignment: Standard, locking: without, mounting: with out, sort of packaging: packed in cardboard, The pin size is 2.6 mm. 3.9 mm, number of solder pins per potential: 1, plug-in system: COMBICON MSTB 2,5, Pin connector pattern alignment: Standard, locking: Screw locking mechanism, mounting: Threaded flange, sort of packaging: packed in cardboard, The article could be aligned to create completely different nos.

In combination with MVSTB or FKCV plug parts, both an MVSTBW (or FKCVW) and an MVSTBR plug (or FKCVR) have to be used. Combination with TMSTBP plug components just isn’t possible! 3.8 mm, plug-in system: COMBICON PST 1,0, locking: without, mounting: without, sort of packaging: packed in cardboard, The maximum present depends upon the plug used. The decrease of the 2 current values apply for plug and pin strip. The pin strip is fabricated from highly temperature resistant plastic and is thus suitable for the reflow course of. PCB connectors are utilized in gadgets and management cabinets. They generally consist of two parts: The header soldered to the PCB and the connector. In the event you loved this post and you would want to receive much more information about High-density PCB connector please visit the page. SKEDD direct connectors, which may be plugged onto and faraway from the printed circuit board as single components, are an exception to this. Adapt commonplace objects to your necessities with our configurators. Select the colour model, printing, and codings. The configurators supply customization choices for more than 6,000 accessible article variations from 150 product households.

The brand new reflow-solderable headers with a 3.5 mm pitch extend the DMC series. These are based solely on the confirmed lock-and-release expertise. This know-how can be utilized for intuitive and sturdy locking and the forceless ejection between the connector and header. The handy Push-X conductor connection is built-in into XPC 1,5 sequence PCB connectors. Push-X expertise permits you to attach flexible and PCB header connector inflexible conductors shortly and with nearly zero insertion forces. SPC 4 sequence connectors are compact and save quite a lot of house on the device with a pitch of 6.35 mm. For device designers, freedom is the trump card with the innovative shield contacting. Locking by means of prime lock or middle flange ensures a safe connection. Compact: Connectors with a pitch of 6.35 mm save house on the machine entrance. Innovative: Device designers have more freedom with the intelligent shield contacting mechanism. Multivariant: Locking via top lock or heart flange is dependable and house-saving. With a pitch of 6.35 mm, the compact Pc four sequence headers save a great deal of area on the machine.

The enhanced touch protection on the header and connector provides extra security. The THR headers enable a reflow soldering course of and automatic meeting, and help cut back manufacturing costs. Efficient: The THR headers help cut back production prices because of suitability for reflow soldering and automatic meeting. The Pc 6 connector is a logical addition to the brand new LPC 6 and Pc 6/… ST-BUS product households with a pitch of 7.Sixty two mm. With this series, the traditional connection expertise with screw connection can be available with enhanced contact protection for the brand new pin connector sample. All product lines of the COMBICON range PCB connectors can be found with progressive connection applied sciences. With compact PCB connectors of the XS product line to energy connectors of the XL product line, you will all the time find the suitable answer on your machine design. The LPC sequence PCB connectors with lever-actuated Push-in spring connection are significantly suitable for functions in renewable energies, battery storage methods, automation, and machine building.

Discover the added worth that these connectors provide for the development and implementation of your devices within the adjacent 3D view. ST-BUS PCB connectors for power bus systems. The connectors enable quick conductor installation with out preparation. High-density PCB connectors can be installed securely on the PCB by the use of Push-in connection. The integrated armature and the gold-plated contact system present a secure hold and high transmission reliability. The PCB connectors within the PTS clip series are supreme to be used in constructing automation. With the standard snap-in geometry, it may be latched onto two-piece electronics housings without using any instruments. Cost-optimized pin strips are used to make contact with the PCB. PCB connectors are predominantly used where PCBs are assembled flexibly and the place it have to be doable to vary the PCB connection technology relying on the application. They enable rapid conductor mounting – and with Push-in connection technology, even with out special tools. The easy plugging and elimination simplifies repairs and maintenance.

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