This is the last article in the, “Where and Where NOT To Find Eyeglass Accessories Online” series. In the first article, we covered buying online from and wholesale retailers. In the second article, we covered purchasing from craft sites, actual ophthalmologists websites, and purchasing from online retailers that design, hand make, and sell their eyeglass accessories.

This final article, Where and Where NOT To Find Eyeglass Accessories Online Part Three, will cover where NOT to find your eyeglass accessories. There are millions of great places online to buy novelty documents online your eyeglass stands or sunglass holders, but when it comes to online shopping, buyer beware takes on a greater meaning-when you buy online you are putting a lot of trust into the seller; “are they trustworthy, are their products as advertised, will they steal my money and run, will I get an old lanyard instead of the eyeglass accessory I actually bought?” These are all good questions to ask when shopping online, and to help you feel more confident about your online shopping experiences, here is a list of places to avoid.

Sites Based Overseas

As great as vacationing overseas can be, buying products from outside the US and Canada may be risky. The website may be professional looking, the products may look exceptional, but once your credit card information clears, you just might be stuck. Ordering anything online is a risk, but it’s even more so when the company you purchased your eyeglass stands or sunglass holders are not legally accountable to U.S. civil or criminal courts. Buying from overseas means that you are totally at the mercy of the seller, if they cheat you or scam you, you have no legal recourse to pursue them to get your money back.

So how do you know if the site is based overseas? If the internet domain ends in, .nz, .ie, or anything that could be the national initials for another country, beware. Not all .coms are safe. Make sure to check the bottom of the homepage for company information, or check the About Us section. If you cannot find information anywhere on the site that tells you where the company is based, move on.

Sites with Bad Grammar and Spelling

If you’re hunting for eyeglass stands or sunglass holders online, and you find a site advertising, ‘eye glass standing or sun glass holding’ or any other grammatical problems, silly syntax, or spelling errors or goofs, chances are that the site is owned by people who aren’t from the U.S.. If you can’t get past the first page without cringing due to misspelled word or grammatical errors, you should probably shop elsewhere.

Fishy Sites

The fishy site is the site that doesn’t provide its customers with verified or secured buying. You can tell if your credit card is safe because the website will have a ‘secured by’ or ‘verified by’ logo somewhere on the homepage.

Also, if the site is asking for your social security number, driver’s license number, or any other number that has nothing to do with your immediate purchase, you should cancel the transaction, report the site, and move along to a site you can trust.

With that last bit of information, we are done with this article series. Now that you know where to find and NOT to find your eyeglass accessories online, you will be a safer shopper.

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