What Details Have to be Paid Attention to when using PCB Board Connectors

PCB board connector refers to the connector that completes the signal and current connection between printed circuit boards (pcb boards). Among all the present connector product varieties, PCB connector the board-to-board connector has the strongest transmission functionality and can be broadly used in lots of fields. Including communication networks, power programs, industrial automation, medical tools, […]

How to make Sure Board-to-Board Connectors Meet High-Speed Automotive Assembly and Use Requirements

Designers of automotive systems need to rigorously select and apply connectors in order that they perform reliably both bodily and electrically in environments the place they’re subjected to temperature and humidity extremes, contamination, and vibration. Meeting and sustaining automotive performance and High-density PCB connector assembly connector reliability requirements is becoming increasingly challenging as autos grow […]

Fine Pitch Board-to-Board Connectors

“As an progressive leader in connectivity, TE Connectivity is proud to introduce the 0.4 millimeter fine pitch board-to-FPC connector solution with built-in EMI shield. “We believe the distinctive design with built-in shielding functionality is one thing our customers are going to love. It lowers the general profile peak of their devices, and streamlines their inner […]